Girya Grips - Hand CARE For Kettlebell Lovers

Prevent Hand Care Balm for Kettlebell Lovers
I finally got the PREVENT Kettlebell Hand Care Balm Stick up in the store this weekend. We have had quite a few (minor) setbacks over the past couple weeks, but they all seem to have worked their way out as of right now. This is to be expected with any new adventure, annoying nonetheless. 

My friend and I each read the book You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero in January/February and that is when I decided to go all in with this new business journey. (Well that book, and my bestie's belief in me <3 ) It’s funny because the book literally talks about all the things that will go wrong once you make the decision to go forward with your dreams. Both my friend and I have have super weird and random setbacks, but because I think we both were mentally prepared for them, they were much easier to handle. It actually made the setbacks humorous in a way because they were almost expected to happen as we pushed forward. More humorous now anyway lol. When I bit the bullet and purchased labels for tubes that I so cautiously and meticulously measured over and over again, only to end up receiving the wrong sized tubes due to a major manufacturing mixup that is pushing any real production back a month or two... I did cry. A lot. But hey, those OG labels turned out great lol!! 😆 And the mix up is being handled with time and about $200 that I didn't have for a quick fix. Thankfully my husband had my back on that one <3 So if you have been waiting on samples... this is why you may not have gotten them yet. They are however coming soon!

Also, that book is fantastic if you are mentally in a covid rut. I HIGHLY recommend. 

This week we also have a new Kettlebell Course launching: Girya Basics - a four week beginner kettlebell program. More on that in another post. And I am going to be focusing the majority of my social media time this summer building up my YouTube channel. I feel this provides the most use of my time. So make sure you pop in over there every now and then. GIRYA GRIPS - KETTTLEBELL REBELLION

Until next time, Keep Swinging!


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